You’ve got a busy life.
Things to do, people to see.
Your dog, curious and social by nature, would love to have some daily activities of his or her own. Dogs learn behavior, yes from humans and training, but also from other dogs. Dogs aren’t meant to be raised in isolation.

While you are at work, your dog could be enjoying the benefits of exercise and socialization with other dogs. That’s what our Midday Doggie Play Groups are all about.

Free One-Week Trial

Alpha Pet Club welcomes new customers and their pets to take advantage of the free one-week trial offer. If your dog meets the membership requirements, you will receive free, fully insured, at-home pet pick-up and pet care for a week – with no obligation.

Your dog will enjoy daily play at Alpha Pet Club and you will enjoy a happy dog. We encourage you to experience Alpha Pet Club before you make a commitment. Within a week, you will see a noticeable difference in your pet’s well-being.